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Some Channels in Spanish on Samsung TV with Comcast/xfinity

Recently my mother-in-law had an issue where some sports broadcasts were only in Spanish. She couldn’t figure it out, and Comcast/xfinity couldn’t either. I found multiple discussions online about the issue, but most people were equally stumped. We finally resolved it, so I wanted to post the answer here for the next person dealing with this.

First off, it’s not a Samsung issue. I think it just gets associated with Samsung because so many TVs are made by them. The technician from xfinity was sure it wasn’t the cable box.

It was the cable box.

Step 1 – Go to the channel that is broadcasting in Spanish. Hit the “OK” button on the remote. This will display a menu on the bottom of the screen with a bunch of options including pause, fast-forward, and rewind:

Hit the “OK” button on the xfinity remote

Step 2 – Hit the left button until the circle marked “SAP” is highlighted:

Highlight “SAP” under Audio Options

Step 3 – Hit the “OK” button again. This will bring up the language selection. Select “English” and hit “OK”:

Select “English” from the language selection

That should do it!

What happened is – somehow – the channel got set to play the secondary audio programming. In other words, some broadcasts include multiple audio/language tracks, and you can choose to listen to either the primary or secondary language.

So if you’re ever in this situation, look for the SAP settings for that channel.

Let’s try this again…

So a few weeks ago this site was hacked, but I don’t know how badly.  Rather than try to repair it, I decided to nuke the site from orbit and start over.  This site’s been pretty neglected so I didn’t lose much.  Let’s see how I do this time around.